Why You Should Incorporate Gymnastics
To Your Clients Programs?


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Gymnastics and body-weight movement is as functional as it gets and should be a part of every training program. Body-weight training was the fastest growing fitness trend of 2015 and continues to grow. Gymnastics skills are quite complex as whole, although they can be broken down. Using the correct positions and progressions the average gym goers is able to learn pull ups, handstands, ring skills and much more.
Gymnastics keeps clients stimulated physically and mentally for a lifetime. There is an element of mastery associated with every skill, yet once a skill is accomplished naturally we seek the next challenge.
As a coach what will I learn?
This workshop will help you as a trainer assess and identify a clients ability level, identify any restrictions then build a progressive plan in order to help them achieve their goals.  As a coach, have you ever had a female want to learn an UNASSISTED body-weight pull up or a Handstand balance? This is where we will teach you how to safely develop strength, positions and skills to get them there. Outline Participant assessment (readiness and limitations), strength progressions, skill progressions, injury prevention.

  • Section 1 Warm Up, Positioning, Core, Mobility
  • Section 2 Strength - Push ups, Pull Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Rows (regressions and progressions)
  • Section 3 Straight arm strength- Front and Back levers
  • Section 4 Optional skills (select 2 skills) Handstand, Muscle Ups, Handstand Walking, Bar skills (pull overs, ice-cream makers, windscreen wipers) or Rope climbs

This workshop is very practical with some theory components. Your group will be very small and intimate, hands on, practicing technique, understanding the implication of movements and learning how to spot faults and make corrections.