Gymnastics in Schools

we come to your school

Dalecki Strength brings gymnastics to your curriculum, interacting with young adults to open their perceptions to strength and conditioning. 

We make them realise that it’s not just ‘leotards’ with gymnastics, but fundamentals that will help them maximise their growing new passion for aesthetic and athletic training in their teens. They will not have the same regrets as most adults when they have forgotten how to push, pull and jump, but instead; be able to keep the energy, power and flexibility through gymnastics. 

Giving young adults this foundation through bodyweight strength, flexibility and knowledge will give them the edge in any given future sport.

Our program’s setup naturally attracts athlete’s buy-in because of the nature of our coaching and learning processes. We teach them to strengthen their body through ways they only perceived as play, such as handstands; the benefits go beyond ‘who can hold one the longest’. 

Physical benefits

Gymnastics will give young adults improved proprioception, coordination, power, balance and end range strength. These young adults will become more resilient in their sport and reduce their risk of injury.

Cognitive benefits

We teach young adults how to understand movement, calculate risks, problem solve and decision making as they develop their own skills. These all improve their cognitive ability which will be utilised in their chosen sport and their future as an adult.