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Our predictions (and tips) for the 2018 Open

In a short 40 days, the 2018 season kicks off. 

From the novice, to the advanced competitor, to the coach or even just the spectator, If you are a part of a CrossFit box, you will be drawn into the chaos and excitement of the Open.

So far, we only have a few of Dave Castro’s cryptic Instagram clues about what the workouts might involve.

Here our coaches are going to offer up their predictions and a few tips on how to approach the gymnastics skills if or when they show up. 

Coach Ev

New movement prediction? 

Strict handstand push ups. 2015 was the first year we saw handstand push ups in the open, and kipping was permitted. Kipping HSPU were then repeated in 2016 and 2017, meanwhile at regionals the focus was on strict handstand push ups. I think this year they will progress this movement.

My advice for any one working towards strict handstand push ups is to ditch the ab mats. This is the most common fault I see with people working towards this movement. There is little benefit to becoming strong in a shortened range of motion, then having to re build the strength all over again but from a different position later. 

Instead, progressively build your capacity using regular floor push ups, deficit push ups, pike push ups, isometric holds and contractions. You will need to set aside time to specifically work on this movement, minimum three times per week. 

My prediction for the retest workout is 17.2 This means you really have to know your capacity on toes to bar and bar muscle ups. This work out is all about how well you know yourself, so that you don’t red line your grip.

Coach Kat

New Movement prediction?

Handstand walking became “trendy”again in 2017. People were becoming a little bit more interested in doing handstands away from the wall potentially inspired by Dave Castro including a handstand walking obstacle course in the CrossFit Invitational. 

This is an easy movement to judge and I think he will throw it in this year! 

My advice for any one starting to learn handstand walking is, put effort into mastering your handstand entry technique. It seems obvious but it is a step that people often miss. Over kicking into the handstand wildly, then having to stabilise once up side down is a very ineffective way to learn this skill. It may get you a few random steps, but it won't allow you to learn proper control with your handstand.

Repeat prediction?

17.5 Thrusters and double unders.

Coach Courtney 

New movement prediction? Single leg squats, aka pistol squats.

If you check occasionally you would have noticed that these have been included in the CrossFit programming for a long time. Most recently

For time (180104)

10 single leg squats alternating

10 yard HS walk 

20 single leg squats alternating 

20 yard HS walk

30 single leg squats alternating

30 yard HS walk

40 single leg squats alternating

40 yard HS walk 

CrossFit doesn't shy away from including challenging movements in the Open. They like to see the entire CrossFit population improvement from year to year and acquire skills they previously could not complete.

Repeat prediction? 

17.3 Snatch ladder with chest to bar pull ups.

Of course, there is always the chance that Dave Castro surprises us all and gives us a gymnastics free year.

If you don't like the chances of that happening. Get in touch with us and we can help you get on track with your gymnastic skills before the Open.

Term starts 22nd January. We will be focusing on handstand push up and pull up strength, ring muscle ups and handstands for skill.

This will give you 6 weeks of structured gymnastics practice before the open starts and continued support once the workout starts being released. 

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What can you learn from the Dalecki sister's combined 7 Regionals experiences?

Collectively, the Dalecki Sisters have competed at the CrossFit Regionals 7 times.

2012 CrossFit Sydney 30th
2013 Reebok CrossFit GCS 18th
2015 Team Creature 15th

2013 Team Reebok CrossFit GCS 18th
2014 Individual CrossFit Creature 16th
2015 Team Creature 15th
2016 Individual CrossFit Creature 25th


Every season of competition is unique and has its own twists and turns along the way. The one thing that remains unchanged every time is, you come out of it a better person, because you will have learnt lessons about yourself and how you respond to challenges. 

Here is what Kat learnt from her first Regionals experience.
You can't hide from anything and you need a coach.
We often focus on skills and movements that come up on a regular basis, squats, toes to bar, cleans etc. We sometimes avoid things that just don't come up very often, we are not so good at or we fear.
In my first Regionals experience, I was absolutely crushed by a heavy ass DB snatch. It was 2012 and 32.5kg DB snatches were almost never programmed for women in our regular CrossFit sessions.  After Regionals, I was pretty content with thinking to myself that I will never have to face them again.. So I ignored them and got away with it for a few years!!

But then..

A few years later I was training for Regionals again with a new team and new coach and I was forced to face this movement, 3 times per week. My coach knew me well and had realised I was avoiding something. He helped me to overcome it.

This made me realise there is always going to be a period of frustration and struggle before you get comfortable with a difficult movement. I realised how important it was to have a coach to help guide my training and plan a strategy
Everyone needs a coach!! Even the coaches!!

Here is what Ev learnt from her team experiences

As much as you might like to think you have a good chance of predicting which movements are likely to come up at Regionals, there are always surprises. Lets say you spend all year perfecting your pull ups in your most comfortable environment, on your favourite pull up bar in the gym, the one that's not too high or too low. There is no doubt that you will make progress like this.


Then HQ releases the Regional events and you have a team workout thrown at you where you will have to synchronise your chest to bar pull ups with a partner. A male partner, twice the height of you, on a bar so high you can barely even jump to it. Then perhaps your partner prefers kipping pull ups instead of butterfly but you have perfected your butterfly style pull up all year. 


You realise that you will be limited by your ability to adapt. Not by the effort that you have put into your skill training. 

My main take away was, as much as specific skill practice is important and valuable, you also need to focus on movement so that you can flow, make adjustments and adapt to what ever circumstances you find yourself in. 

Feel like your movement and skills could use a brush up before the Open 2017?

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How Ev Dalecki is approaching the Open differently this year

How Ev Dalecki is approaching the Open differently this year

2016 marks the 5th year I am participating in the CrossFit open. Every year that I am in the sport, my training, goals and situation is different. Although this year I have kicked off the Open season with a different plan. I was determined to not let the Open stress me out and instead enjoy the whole 5 weeks. I also planned to release the videos of all and any Open workout attempts as soon as I had them available.