Induction Day 28th March


Induction Day 28th March

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28th March 6:15PM- 7:45PM

Before you get thrown into the deep end with gymnastics- onto the rings and up side down- our fantastic coaches will be taking you through a detailed induction.

You will learn everything you need to know for a successful start with Dalecki Strength Gymnastics.

  • The administrative side of the gym and the rules (yes we have rules, this is Gymnastics after all).

  • The technical jargon

  • Fundamentals- yes it will be physical so bring your active wear, towel and drink bottle.

  • What you can expect in your first 6 months of training with us.

This is a fun day, you will get to mingle with your new training partners and start planning the goals you want to achieve under our guidance.

Because you are a founding member, you are invited to come to our first induction day ever for FREE.

Going forward, this day will cost $180, so make sure you take advantage of this complimentary gift.

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