Host a gymnastics workshop at your gym! 

Dalecki Strength travel to gyms all over NSW and provide specific skill coaching for your clients. 

The clientele of functional fitness gyms are constantly pushing the boundaries with the goals they set and the skills they want to work towards. 

Biggest challenges for gyms and coaches:

1. Not enough time to teach skills in class

2. Every person is at a different level

3. Members want to learn new and exciting skills

The Dalecki Strength team have the experience of working with gymnastic specific population as well as CrossFitters wishing to get better at their sport.  

Choose from

beginner or advanced
Bar Skills + Handstands: 3 hour workshop
Ring Skills + Handstands: 3 hour workshop

Bar Skills include: Strict and kipping pull up variations, toes to bar and bar muscle ups. 

Ring Skills include: Strict and kipping ring muscle ups, levers and ring complexes.

Handstand Skills include: Handstand entry, handstand balance and handstand walking. 

The specific skills taught on the day are tailored to the requests and need of the group. 

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Move like a gymnast 

The fancy stuff starts with the basics. 

Pull ups, muscle ups and handstands all require good range of motion and strength. Before putting skill practice into your program, it is vital to understand the positions required for your desired skills.  

At the workshop, we cover all the preparatory work that is vital for success for your chosen skill. You will come away from the workshop with a very simple but effective plan that you can complete before every skill session. 

Technique assessment 

If you have more than enough strength and mobility for a movement but still can't put the pieces together, you technique likely needs refinement.

Get hands on coaching and a professional eye over your current skill technique. Find out exactly what you need to correct and work on to improve your efficiency. The coaches will provide you with instructions so that you come away from the workshop with clarity on what to focus on in your ongoing training. 

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Having the tools to build your body with gymnastic strength training is something we believe every human should possess. 

Starr Strength Training Camp 2018


Hear what our hosts have to say 

"The Dalecki team have been a huge part of our gymnastics development, not just for our athletes but also for our coaching development. 

We’ve hosted 3 workshops at our box and I’ve attended one of their in-house sessions. With Each one - the delivery is consistently A-class, I gain more knowledge & learn more and exciting drills!  
As a box owner it’s important to offer these sorts of development sessions to all levels and without a doubt the Dalecki team have an amazing way of identifying tailored progressions to a group as well as individuals. 

I will continue to offer these valuable workshops to our members because I know from experience, increasing gymnastics strength and body awareness will likely lead to further gains in other facets of CrossFit, in particular, weightlifting, as gymnastics offers a lot of very transferrable benefits.
I would highly recommend hosting a Dalecki workshop to improve all of your gymnastics skills / progressions / mobility / warm-up drills & coaching delivery." 

-Abby Carvell Marmont, Owner of CrossFit Jak


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