Our Team

Dalecki Strength was Co-Founded by Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki in 2014.

We are now a strong team of four and are excited to reach and help more people with Gymnastics in 2018!


Kathryn Dalecki

Former artistic gymnast, CrossFit Regionals athlete and lifelong gymnastics coach.
Kat says,
Learning, training and challenging her body is the only way she feels "normal." Her goal is to help others realise what an amazing feeling this is. 


Evelina Dalecki

Former national gymnast, CrossFit Regionals athlete and gymnastics coach. 
Ev says, 
She couldn't think of anything worse than going to a normal gym and running on a treadmill. She wanted to create an environment where you could get strong, fit and in shape using the gymnastics discipline. 


Courtney brown

Involved in a wide variety of sports through childhood, Courtney developed a love for movement. She is also a CrossFit Regionals competitor.
Courtney says,
She loves to work with people who are unaware of their bodies capability. People who are willing to go on their own gymnastics journey and learn continuously about their body whilst becoming strong, healthy and happy physically and mentally.


Melissa wu

Current member of the Australian Diving Team, 3 time Olympian, Olympic Silver medalist, 3 time Commonwealth Games athlete and multiple medalist. 
Melissa says, 
Given the parallels between Diving and Gymnastics, has naturally developed an interest in coaching and training the gymnastics discipline. 
Melissa has been an elite athlete for half her life and wants to use her knowledge and experience to help others challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.