Our Team

Dalecki Strength’s core is Kathryn and Evelina Dalecki, co-founders and highly regarded athletes in Australia. A Sister’s idea in 2014 has muscled up to new heights with the family growing to four; welcoming Courtney Brown & Melissa Wu.

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Kathryn Dalecki

• Former Artistic Gymnast.

• CrossFit Regionals Athlete.

• Lifelong Gymnast & Coach.

“Gymnastics is all about learning, training and challenging my body and mind. It is an amazing feeling, and my goal is for all of Sydney to realise the sensation gymnastics gives you.”

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Evelina Dalecki

• Former National Gymnast.

• CrossFit Regionals Athlete.

• Lifelong Gymnast & Coach.

“I wanted to create an environment where you can redefine strong, become fit and use the gymnastics discipline. A way of fitness completely different from the current treadmill of Sydney gyms.”

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Courtney brown

• CrossFit Regionals Athlete.

• Lifelong smiler & coach.

“I love unlocking the potential of your capability, especially when you are entirely unaware of your talent. It’s your journey to learn, develop and become strong, healthy and happy both physically and mentally.”

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Melissa wu

• 3-time Olympian.

• Olympic Silver Medallist.

• 3-time Commonwealth Game Athlete.

• Australian Diving Team.

“Being so lucky and disciplined to reach the levels I’ve competed in, it is only fair I open the door to Sydney to share my knowledge, experience and challenges you may never think possible.”