Gymnastics Squad Training


Our squad programs are for adults of all ages and abilities, designed and proven to unlock real change in flexibility, strength, motion and shape.

With gymnastics, you have the power to reimagine your body the way you want. Now is the chance to write your story below or click here to find out about full-time gymnastics training starting 2019.

Level Structure

Level 1

This is your beginning. Here you will learn all the fundamental movements, positions and your approach to gymnastics training. Every skill will be broken down and taught in detail.

p-bar swing

Level 2

This is where your story flourishes, you have completed level one and have been invited to progress to this level. The strength work in this level involves difficult progressions. Skill work in level two is broader, involving more challenging handstand elements, parallel bar training as well as ring and bar skills.

front support, core strength

Term 1 January 2019

We are currently enrolling students into Term 1 squads.


Schedule to announced soon!

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