Gymnastics Squad Training


Each session starts off with a full body warm up, specific range of motion work for the joints then an intense core workout. 

Next we move into upper body strength work, which is progressively overloaded each week. Each term has a specific upper body strength goal, which is tested in week 1 and re-tested in week 10. 

Then comes skill work. This involves skill breakdown, drills, progression and hands on individualised coaching. Each term has one major skill focus and one supplementary skill focus. 

To finish off we move into a passive and active flexibility session and cool down. 

All sessions are fully structured and coached with a 1:8 coach to participant ratio. 

Please note, squad training involves a weekly 90 minute face to face commitment + two homework sessions are provided. This means it can be used as a supplementary program to your regular full time gym membership. 

Learn about our level structure below or click here to find out about full time gymnastics training starting 2019.

Level Structure


Level 1

This is your starting point. Here you will learn all the fundamental movements, positions and our approach to gymnastics training. Every skill will be broken down and taught from scratch. 


Level 2

Suits the type of person who has completed level one and has been invited to progress to this level. The strength work in this level involves more difficult progressions. Skill work in level two is broader, involving more challenging handstand elements, parallel bar training as well as ring and bar skills. 


Sport Specific

This suits the type of person who is interested in competing in functional fitness competitions like regionals. This course covers skills that are required for those types of competitions. Ring and bar muscle ups, handstand push ups and walking, pull ups and toes to bar.

The curriculum for this course changes as the demands of the sport evolves. 

A minimum of 2 years training experience is required to enrol in this course. 

Term 4 15th October- 21st December 2018

We are currently accepting waitlist enquires for Term 4. 

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